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It was 2014, when there was a need for a place where to gather with friends time-to-time and play and enjoy board- and cardgames. A month later, some chairs, tables - some games and accesories and 04.09.2014 our first customer walked in.

Today - we have more than 1000 different products available and events that we host, can gather up to 60 players. We have scheduled tournaments and events in Magic: the Gathering and also ind different card- and interesting board games. Young and old, men and women! Every field in life are welcome.

Biggest selection of products, affordable prices and pleasant atmosphere makes Lorien one of the most facinating place out side home. If you have any questions, our staff will help you, and find all the answer expected. But to be honest, not all of them - "What is meaning of life?" will stil get one and certain aswer - "42!"

Put down that mouse or smart device - find Hipodroom and walk across the road. Small house and yellow dooe is right place. Walk in, and say "Hello!", as exciting fantasyworld is waiting our guests.


Veigo Vesman
Owner, CEO

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