1918: Death on the Rails


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After the capitulation of Imperial Germany in 1918, German representatives formally handed over political power to the Estonian Provisional Government. On 16 November 1918, an order was given by the Russian Red Army HQ to follow the retreating German units. On 28 November 1918, the 6th Red Rifle Division struck the border town of Narva, which marked the beginning of the Estonian War of Independence.
1918: Death on the Rails is a challenging, fast-paced block wargame for two players that reflects the struggle between the Estonian and the Russian SFSR units during the Estonian War of Independence. In the game, you maneuver units on a hex map, trying to be the first to achieve the different scenario goals.
When playing 1918: Death on the Rails, it becomes clear just how significant the role of Estonian armored trains was during this defining period in Estonian history.

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